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SafeAssign 16 % SafeAssign 16 % SIM/UB UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM ESL 407 FALL 2013 ESSAY COVER SHEET NAME: Sherilyn Tang Si Min STUDENT NUMBER: 10091961 COURSE: ESL407 CLASS: L01 INSTRUCTOR’S NAME: Kirti Harnal ESSAY TITLE: Aggressive behaviour caused by video games or unfair judgement? THESIS STATEMENT: Ahmedabad Mirror Bureau stated that aggressive behaviour depicted is related to spending too much time on computer games and over exposure particularly of violent games, whereas Blast Magazine defends the gaming industry – including the nonviolent games by comparing the benefits they bring to adults as well as children. Upon comparison, I agree with Blast Magazine that video games are wrongfully blamed for aggressive behaviour displayed by the people who play them. STRONGEST QUALITY OF YOUR ESSAY: Ideas WHAT YOU COULD IMPROVE IN YOUR ESSAY: Flow Declaration by student: I have read the UB Statement of Principle on Academic Integrity provided in the course outline and accept responsibility of academic honesty. I have used my own ideas, personal experiences, and common knowledge to support the thesis in my essay. I declare that this essay is my own work and is free from plagiarism. Signature: _______________________________________________ Date:__________________ Aggressive behaviour caused by video games or unfair judgement? Video games have come a long way; they have progressed from once gritty and unclear images and figures on the computer screen to what it is today, crystal clear with extremely realistic characters. However, with the advancement of computer games, many have linked the increment of violent and aggressive behaviours of the audience that plays these games. The Ahmedabad Mirror Bureau (2012) and Blast Magazine (2013) have written articles of

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