Aggression: The Cause Of The Columbine Attacks

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Two Choice When I sit down and think about the word aggression I’m reminded of the attacks on September 11th. These are undoubtedly the greatest acts of violence that I have witnessed. Closely behind this memory is the one of the columbine shooting and Michael Hernandez, the boy who stabbed his best friend to death in a Miami middle school. According to Webster’s dictionary Aggression is defined as “The first attack, or act of hostility; the first act of injury, or first act leading to war or controversy.” These events lead me to believe that Aggression is not just triggered by a minor act of provocation, but that usually there is something more significant involved. Aggression “triggered by a minor act of provocation” would have been what…show more content…
The two shooters were avid gamers; they were fans of the game Doom. This game consisted of one player trying to fight off demon like characters. The levels in the game were called episodes. The third and final episode was titled “Hell.” Their fixation on these video games and the violence in them desensitized them to the point of them plotting out this horrible massacre and acting out in aggression. Just like these two kids, Michael Hernandez mimicked his killing from something he had seen. The 14 year old boy at the time admitted to identifying with serial killers in the movies “American Psycho” and “The Silence of the Lambs.” These kids used these violent video games and movies as their dogma. Although these killers let themselves be indoctrinated by these games and movies they still had a choice. Like in “Sound and Fury” we see that there are two choices we can make to every idea we…show more content…
The encounter between the two men was all the buzz in the bar. They were all anticipating the first hit. He was being challenged and he had all the right to take on the duel and fight his opponent not only had the belligerent crowd ruined his skit but now one of them wanted to fight him. Instead, he did what, in my opinion is not the norm, and became the bigger person and figuratively killed him with kindness. The opponent had triggered him to become aggressive yet he didn’t let that trigger get to him. If he would have let his aggression be triggered who knows how the story would have ended maybe in jail or even death but he simply walked away from a physical confrontation. And instead he talked it out. He showed his opponent that there was no need for the violence. What a great

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