Aggression Essay

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----------------------- High statistics in England & Wales show prisons are violent for both inmates & workers. 2 models are proposed – importation & deprivation, to explain why interpersonal violence occurs so regularly in prisons. Institutional aggression in prisons Discuss 2 explanations of institutional aggression Institutional aggression refers to - violent behaviour that exists within some institutions & groups. - & also to forms of collective violence between social groups. Institutions may be distinct (e.g. sch, prison) or larger bodies (police, army). Acts range from physical abuse in initiation ‘tests’, to acts to destroy a national, racial or religious group (genocide). Resultantly, inst. aggression involves more complex psychological processes than interpersonal aggression & may have more traumatic consequences for victims. • Importation model – Irwin & Cressey claims inmates who enter prison w/certain characteristics (e.g. values, attitudes & experiences) are more likely to engage in interpersonal violence than other inmates. Interpersonal violence in prisons isn’t a product of the institution, but the charac.s of individuals who enter. US research shows Black inmates compared w/Whites, are more likely to be associated w/interpersonal violence. An explanation is: black prisoners often enter prison from more impoverished communities w/higher violent crime rates. Thus, they import into the prison the cultural norms that condone violent behaviour. • Deprivation model – claims it’s the features of the prison rather than of inmates that accounts for prison violence. It argues it’s mainly the experience of imprisonment that causes inmates high stress & frustration which leads to violence + aggression against inmates and staff. Harer et al describe how inmate behaviour is a response

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