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AGF Case Review The presentation made on AGF was exceptional and I am in full agreement with the conclusions drawn by the presenters. AGF is a Mutual Fund company that originated in Canada. This company has managed to take advantage of the lack of Canadian Mutual firms outside of their home territory and become pioneers in diversifying its business into other countries. This has provided a lot of opportunities to the company in terms of room for expansion. However AGF currently ranks 7th among its competitors. The next logical step would be to assess why AGF is not the front runner in a business that it had successfully mastered before its competitors. It was pointed out that AGF has displayed immense strength in its marketing and sales teams; however, the lengths that this company has taken to develop this strength were not fully articulated. AGF places a great amount of emphasis on its distribution systems. This is highly important as it bears most of the weight in terms of this particular strength. On the issue of strength the team neglected to mention that AGF has an arsenal of highly competent staff, especially its management team. Every member of top management has the skills and expertise to aid the business in achieving maximum profits. Among the weaknesses mentioned was the differences between the business philosophy of AGF and that of 20/20 at the time that AGF acquired 20/20. This weakness however gave rise to an opportunity; these differences in views helped to catapult some of the older managers out of the organization and made way for younger, more empowering managers (like Blake) to move up through the organization. It is evident that the organization was lacking the drive that newer managers were able to provide, as incidentally the company’s assets rose substantially after the shift in power. It was brought to the forefront that AGF was lacking in

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