Agent Provocateur Essay

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THE SHOPPER The New Luxury Shopper _The Empowered Women_ _The Little Emperors_ THE BRAND The Brand Positioning _The _Culture of Luxury AP positioned as a luxury brand, the focus should not just be on selling products. Luxury brands need to achieve their success through establishing a luxury culture in the Chinese market. Such culture will define the context in which luxury brands operate. Many Chinese customers have little sense of luxury culture with much of the nation still living in relative poverty, and while there is a growing group of rich Chinese most are yet to have a full understanding of and appreciation for the “luxury lifestyle” (Shanghai Daily, 2006). While there is a sudden rise in wealth among Chinese, this has resulted in a short-term boom in luxury buying; only through the cultivation and education of a luxury culture can luxury brands look forward to sustainable and profitable development in China over the long term. As will be discussed later, fashion shows, special events and other public relations efforts by luxury companies can create a luxury culture environment, giving opportunities to Chinese customers to practice for a luxury lifestyle and build emotional connections with the brands. _The Branding_ Success in the Chinese market requires far more than just the standard brand positioning procedures; product, presentation, packaging, promotion, distribution, merchandising and advertising should all contribute toward one unified purpose - delivering genuine brand value to customers. The most successful luxury brand firms began the process of building their brands long before they entered the market. This is a very important consideration for the Chinese market where consumers know little about luxury brands. Conducting market research on consumer psychology and behavior, distribution channels and media
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