Agenda Setting in Public Administration Essay

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| Public Administration and Public Policy Final Exams Ritza Olivier-Jonassaint | Take Home Essay | Fall 2014 | Professor Efraim Ben-Zadok, Ph.D. | | By Ritza Olivier-Jonassaint | | | Agenda Setting “The agenda setting process is an ongoing competition among issue proponents to gain the attention of media professionals, the public, and policy elites.” Dearing and Rogers, 1996 Introduction Understanding agenda-setting is very important in public policy. The objective of this essay is to define agenda setting, its formation, the two types of agendas covered in class, problem definition, and the role of certain actors in trying to influence it. Agenda-setting is by definition is a competitive and conflictive political process depending on opposing entries on policy agenda, positions and opinions of key policymakers, the ability to influence groups to action, the preferences of interest groups and decision makers. In our society, policy problems that start out as simple petitions can potentially gain the attention of the public, the media and eventually the government; through this process very few demands will make it to the political agenda for serious consideration by policy-makers, while most will not. I believe that the most important step is getting these problems put on the agenda, which give them the possibility of being considered for solutions. “each problem must compete for official attention because legislators and executives have limited time and resources”; these demands must go through the process of becoming an issue or “a matter requiring governmental attention”; once this status is achieved, the issues policy-makers choose to act on makes up the policy agenda. According to Robert Eyeston, “an issue arises when a public with a problem seeks or demands governmental action, and there is public

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