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Agency Assessment Agency Assessment The Center for Human serves Contra Costa County since 1972. They are located in the city of Pleasant Hill. The Center focuses on Wellness, empowering people, and promoting positive growth. As part of their mission the Center for Human Development works with caring members of the community and together they create opportunities for those less fortunate to realize their fullest potential by promoting health and harmony throughout the Contra Costa, San Francisco, and Alameda counties. The Center for Human Development values the power of group process and teamwork that allow the institution to change lives and transformed the communities they work with. Similar to other nonprofit organizations The Center for Human Development has many reliable necessary funders such as California Friday Night Live Partnership, Contra Costa County Administrators Office, Contra Costa Employment and Human Services, Contra Costa Health Services, Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco Department of Public Health, and The San Francisco Foundation. The services that The Center for Human Development provide to youth, adults, and families could not be achievable without the charitable contributions of these major funders. This is a list just a few of the social service and health partners who have the same vision that The Center for Human Development to help develop a safe, healthy community. A key part of Learning Team B’s assessment of The Center for Human Development was obtaining an accredited assessment tool to guide the team through what is considered culturally competent in an organizational setting. The team was able to obtain such an assessment on The National Center for Cultural Competence website. The NCCC is a component of the Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Human Development Department and hold national accreditations and

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