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People are born with a blank slate and the agency to choose whatever they would like to do, for better or for worse. This freedom of choice we have is better known as agency, And through the decisions we make every day that we are defined as good or evil. Since birth things such as family, friends, religion, and culture can affect the way we handle these choices and opportunities. Family has the greatest influence on peoples’ lives because you are with them for the first eighteen years of your life. You live with them, eat with them, and are constantly reminded of your family’s opinions and standards. People generally share the morals of what they were taught by their parents or guardians and siblings. For example in my family I was taught that Democrats are the superior party, and I continue to believe that. I don’t have a reason to believe that Democrats are better but I just do because I was told that over and over by my family. This could be applied to some members of the K.K.K. in that I’m sure that some of them grew up as what we know to be normal kids but were constantly bombarded with the opinion that African Americans are Horrible people that deserve nothing but to die. Religion/culture: Religion plays a big part in peoples’ lives. It affects who they follow, how to act, but most importantly what they believe is right and wrong. Cultures from around the world greatly differ from one another. Culture is known to set the bar for what is right and wrong in certain cultures. For Example in some countries in the Middle East Muslims bow down on their knees everyday at specific times to pray to their God. Humans naturally have the agency to choose. It’s what we do with this responsibility that decides if we are good or evil. If we consistently and continuously make good choices, we will be most likely be known by our current culture as good. And if we

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