Ageism And Sexism

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Ageism and sexism, just by going to the local card store or doing some hunting online, it is clear that in today’s world, ageism and sexism play tremendous parts in what gets displayed on birthday cards and our view screens. I was able to visit a local store and was able to pull up an online search engine and sampled numerous cards and media types. Humor, pictures, and even ideas are clearly defined and separated by sex and age. At first glance, the cards that were appearing the most were for younger people. Even in this smaller grouping, there was a vast separation based off of age and sex. Age played a tremendous role for separating adolescents and younger children. This was also integrated indiscriminately in our everyday media attention. Most of the cards for the younger generation were far more exciting, very playful, and downright cutesy. Commercials and television shows exhibit the same philosophies. The cards did not strike me as endearing or sincere at all though. These cards seemed to be there just as quick entertainment to put a spark in the eyes of the young adults and smiles on their faces. I didn’t feel any feeling and it didn’t seem like the cards really mattered. As I was going through the cards and media that were catering to a younger crowd, they seemed to be getting simpler and separation by sex was becoming less apparent. Cards seemed to have been growing up with their intended receiver. As the receiver was getting older, the separation by sex was being displayed more as well. Boys were starting to get football or basketball themes and the girls were getting Barbie doll and playhouse themes. Teenagers were getting cards that had sound and the sounds were rapping cards and dancing girls. This shift was also evidenced by entertainment for adolescents. Automobiles and relationships were a big addition to the teenage grouping as well. Teenage boys
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