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Ageism Name: Institution: Ageism As much as ageism does not get a high level of public attention as compared to sexism or racism it is quite alive. It is considered as being biased against a person’s age group. For example, if there is a rule that applies equally to all other people but discriminates people in a particular age. In these particular cases, older persons are more vulnerable to poor treatment in a long-term care and lack of adequate treatment options in medical settings. Discrimination due to ethnicity is higher in the elderly as shown by the study on the experience of discrimination among U.S. Chinese seniors. The study found that U.S. Chinese older adults experienced considerable biases, with the majority of elders tending to have passive responses to unfair treatment. Among the nine situations assessed, street and public settings were the places where discrimination was most likely to occur. Older adults who lived in places other than Chinatown, with higher socioeconomic status, and with lower health status were more likely to report discrimination. The high prevalence discrimination was found on the streets since this where older adults usually carry out daily activities. From the above results, it is necessary to explore the risk and protective factors as well as the outcomes associated with experiences of discrimination among older adults. Discrimination of the elderly exposes them to lower health status and decreases their self-esteem as well as increases the risk of social isolation (Dong, X, 2014) The stereotype is considered as an embodiment of a psychological approach to aging. Recoveries of older people with a disability are affected by the age stereotype. Age stereotype is defined as beliefs about the elderly as a category. From the study on the association between positive age stereotypes and recovery from disability in the

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