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Ageism in the New Millennium Ageism and Sexism in the Workplace By Rosalind Chait Barnett • em-day classic. Yet, as we \ medca is grajTiig. The all know, issues of aging XJLsigns are unmistakIncreased longevity and are in many wa\^ women's able, and they are ever\'issues, pardy because Amwhere. Even our comerican women on average pulsively youth-driven culeconomic necessity. outlive men by about ture is coming to terms seven years. widi diis new reality. The For most women, atdtudinal and structural "older demographic" is squarely in the sights factors in the workplace put diem at a tremenof policy makers, advertisers, and die media. dous disadvantage and render them more vulPharmaceudcal companies bombard us with nerable than men to hardship as they age. Much endless claims about the benefits of podons for has been made of the great sacrifices American erecdle d\'sfi-iJicTion, arthridc pain, and diabetes. women make for dieir families at home and in Tlie 60-year-old actress-model Lauren Hutton the workforce. These sacrifices are not limited to sdll graces magazine covers, as does 70-year-old their disproportionate share of child-rearing. Sophia Loren. The cover storv' of the March/ Because women outlive their husbands, they April 2005 issue oi'AART featured seven of "Holare more likely than men to care for their ill and lywood's Hottest," all stunning female Oscar d^dng parents, in-laws, and spouses, and diey winners, four of whom are in their 70s. And are often left widowed and impoverished at the older women now play feature roles in movies, end of their lives. Indeed, the problem of even in sexy roles. Witness Diane Keaton in poverty in old age is mainly a women's probSomething's Gotta Give, in which she plays the lem. In general, it is fair to say that as a result mother of a 20-something daughter who is havof ageism and sexism, women as a group are in

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