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“Ageism” is what the senior citizens lobby groups are claiming when it comes to legislation that has been introduced regarding drivers’ licensing requirements for the elderly. Ageism simply put is discrimination against a person or group on the grounds of age. Although this type of discrimination can apply to any age group, it usually comes in one of two forms; discrimination against the elderly, and discrimination against youth. Many people assume that when there is discrimination, one group of people is given more favorable treatment than others. This is not always the case. It is possible to have a case in which it is unclear which group is being given the more favorable treatment. An example of that maybe something like this; during a war a large majority of combatants are killed in action and a law is passed to force males 18-24 into combat positions on the frontline, women are not permitted to participate in combat actions. In this example it is unclear which group is being discriminated against and it can be argued that it is age discrimination or “ageism”. Generally states are asking, through legislation, that mandatory driver testing start at age 60-65 and continue to become more frequent as the age goes up. Senior citizens feel that they are being singled out solely on the basis of age, but that is not entirely true. As we age there are changes that our bodys go through that we cannot control and some of these impact our ability to operate a vehicle. There are also diseases that are strictly inherent to the elderly population such as Altzheimers. While the elderly feel that they are being singled out, I feel that the states are doing the right thing by asking that senior citizens retest frequently. If we are going to require teenages to do certain things to acquire a license then the rest of us, including the elderly,

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