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Ageism Paper When is someone old and what is old? These are few of many questions that society asks today. Many citizens question themselves wondering what exactly are the boundaries and limitations of their age and most of all do they exist. This can and always will be an issue to society, ageism. Many know very little of this topic and the capabilities that it with holds. Some issues of this topic can be beneficial and in turn negative in the same sense. One issue of ageism that many can relate to is dating, Cougars according to “A 35+ year old female who is on the "hunt" for a much younger, energetic, willing-to-do-anything male”. Many younger women are offended and upset at the fact that there mid twenty year old boyfriend is being taken by a woman twice their age, a woman who is willing to provide and pamper them ten times better than a woman their own age. I got the opportunity to witness this topic on a VH1 episode of The Best. This particular episode showed a listing of every couple in the entertainment industry who have made love an overwhelming topic. The number one couple of this list was the lovely forty- two year old Demi Moore and twenty-seven year old Ashton Kutcher, who married in 2005. Describing her as a cougar was the beginning of VH1’s presentation of the reality show The Cougars. This TV reality show being a reverse to all that have ever been aired, the tables were turned when a mother of four in her mid thirties was given the opportunity to give fate a try. Having to choose from twenty younger men in their mid twenties based on their ability to show her their abilities to provide, love nurture and care for her better than a man her age could. In this instance of ageism I feel that it holds no effect on society, love has no age, limits, or boundaries. There is no way to control the feelings of any

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