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Ageism Age 1 Term Final Ageism: Detrimental to Older Adults As society has aged and experienced life from evolution to war and technology, young minds have not significantly changed their perceptions of the older adult. We have formed stereotypes that have become the bedrock for the way we think in regards to aging. Older adults have been taken for granted and discriminatory practices against these adults have been made evident with older men and women in the professional and public segment of life. However, some older adults immigrate to this country and live off of the taxpayer’s money: shouldn’t these older adults have to take mandatory education? This paper will explore why is it is so hard to overcome ageism and why it is so important for older adults to keep education as an ongoing tool to defeat discrimination. In this explanation it will include the definition of ageism, consequences, addressing and changing attitudes of ageism, and educational programs that are easily accessible to older adults throughout life. Ageism is formed by young people and maintained by stubborn old adults. Ageism refers to a subtle and destructive negative attitude toward the elderly which society begins to absorb and in result become very discriminative against older people (Cusack, 2008). It is also thought that older adults become senile, cautious, dependant, and a burden to all especially family members. This is a very wide spread generalization, it may not be true in all cases but the majority of people hold at least one of these conceptions of older adults. The trend is people thinking older adults lose their mental capabilities all of a sudden after certain age and become useless to society. We also need to solve

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