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Ageism in the American Workplace In recent years, the world has faced a strapping financial crisis. In the United States specifically, the recession of the late 00’s left millions of hardworking Americans out of work. Time and time again, employees to be laid off first are the older workers. These individuals are let go in lieu of younger, less expensive workers in an effort to cut corporate costs (Binstock). This practice of ageism in America deprives the nation of its skilled and experienced professionals, furthers the plight of the economy on a national level, and causes tremendous financial difficulties to families on a personal level. Ageism, in its most basic form, can be easily explained and understood. As a company’s employees gain lengthier and lengthier tenures, their salary steadily rises. Regularly scheduled pay raises and promotions can attribute to this inflation. When times are tough, businesses often fire these older employees not because of poor job performance, but solely to cut costs. Younger workers will do the same work for a significantly less amount of money. While this practice may make fiscal sense in the short term, it can prove costly to the long term health of the company (Gibson). A personal example of ageism in the workplace is my dad’s recent struggles. My father spent the bigger part of thirty years working in the corporate side of food distribution. In my dad’s mid-fifties, the global economy went into a significant recession and he was laid off. Having been in the business for decades, my dad obviously had extensive experience and was effective in his field. The reasons for the cutbacks were not performance based, but solely on the higher salary my dad made due to his lengthy tenure. Our family was forced to endure tremendous financial difficulties because of ageism. In any task or action, knowledge and experience is

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