Ageing Population Essay

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Ageing population is one of the most controversial issues today, with a lot of discussion related to positive and negative of older people. Although the majority of people think that government should be support ageing population and provide services also works, it is my firm feeling that they effect to economy and community. In this essay, I am going to examine this question from both points of views. On the first side of debate there are people who claim that the advantages of ageing population considerably outweigh its disadvantages. The first reason is that is older people having a lot of experience in life and work. An especially good example of this is big companies in the world need to experienced employees will be successful. Moreover, reduce crime rate in society. To illustrate, if government support and care older people when provide work will be get more money then reduce rate crime and benefit on teach in primary school. On the other hand, a significant minority also make the opposing argument for negative of ageing people. Firstly, there may not be enough to work and do not spend more money. For example, the economy will be decrease and the government bring in foreign workers. Second reason, is that will not enough young people to look after the old people. For instance, in Australia they might have to go to special homes for old people. As we have seen, there are no easy answers to this question. On balance, I tend to think that introducing laws to support ageing population is the best solution and I would suggest the government should be increase to provide to help this category of society to overcome this
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