Age Specific Case Study

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Age Specific Case Study Roberto Calderone, is an 82-year-old retired army general. He was with a myocardial infarction. He was monitored and treated with aspirin 325 mg and started on a beta blocker to control his hypertension. Several nurses have commented on him being a “difficult patient” as he is “stubborn and wants to control everything” while he is at the hospital. Mr. Calderone has been observed to order his wife to “get this” and “get that” in a rather brusque manner and when she steps out of the room, he does the same to the nurses. His wife has been at the hospital with him constantly. Mr. Calderone reports that he is “mostly” active, but also likes to smoke an occasional cigar and takes a couple shots of Jack per week. He is at his ideal weight for his height of 5’11”. He appears gaunt and drawn in his facial appearance. He is an avid griller and is looking forward to a two-inch thick steak that he brought at a local butcher just days before his heart attack. He is married and has a daughter who lives 25 miles away. He tells the doctor he is “pain free” and can’t understand why he can’t go home. Developmental tasks and psychosocial changes specific to older adults. When people approach the age of retirement, they begin a transition into a change of their role in society, how they manage financial situations, their social network, and death begins to feel more evident to them. They begin to see the end of their life and begin to play that part. Some people distance themselves from others as a way to shield themselves from death and from burdening others with their problems. Money becomes more important as they struggle to maintain control over their lives and deal with upcoming potential illness or just how they will deal with day to day expenses of life. Some people fight for the right to do basic daily activities of living themselves
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