Age of Wisdom Essay

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Wisdom is having knowledge learned from experience over time. Wisdom comes with old age. It is practical and involves a variety of insights. The old are referred to as “the wise’. Most people become grandparents when the reach around forty to fifty years old. Grandparents full a societal role in which their insights of knowledge are passed on and their family history may be passed on to their grandchildren. They pass on skill such as religious, social, and vocational values through storytelling and advice; they can often feel a sense of pride and satisfaction from working with their grandchildren on joint projects (Cavanaugh and Fields, page 439). Becoming a grandparent is meaningful, and there are a variety of dimensions of meaning that grandparents often assign to their roles. One of the dimensions is that being a grandparent is the most important thing in their lives. The second dimension is being seen as wise, also known as the valued elder. Other grandparents often like to spoil their grandchildren. Some grandparents try to recall their own relationship they had with their own grandparents. Lastly, grandparents take pride in the fact that they will be followed by not one generation but two generations (Cavanaugh and Fields, page 439). African Americans cultural meaning grows out of their African heritage, the experience of slavery, and their continued oppression within a largely white Anglo-Saxon Protestant American culture (Peterson, page 213). In African American tradition the elderly women continue the tradition to pass on cultural meaning, such as the value of children and self-reliance, to succeeding generations (Peterson, page 213). The “wise” women continue to enlighten people about the importance of human relationships. In the social sense grandparents try to build a relationship though the care of children. Between 1979 and 1980

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