Age of Mind Control Essay

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AGE OF MIND CONTROL The twentieth century was the age of two world wars and the division in the Cold War. Countless people fought on various fronts in the name of individual freedom, the right to self-determination and the elimination of controls of the state. We entered the new century as a free and independent people, as part of our mature and friendly governments. This days people have right to make free wishes, they can decide on their future and the brain control occurs only in science fiction movies. That's the theory ... If you delve into the mysteries of psychology, modern research on the human brain and the ability to influence the development of personal and other people's psyche, you have sustained a shock. It had never before in human history have been conducted so numerous studies on the possibilities of influencing and shaping individuals, to create desirable traits and eliminating unwanted, effect on the other by a group of impact, the essence of the leadership and the possibilities of its influence on the masses, as well as cheating our memories and memory. These capabilities have been still in their infancy, but the vision was renowned for Orwell's book is not as distant as we may think ... The knowledge contained in the book has been given a number of proposals relating to personality theory . Theories of personality are defined as a set of proposals on the structure and development of personality . Researchers like Lewis R. Goldberg , Costa and McCrae , Eysenck were drawing examples that personality is active in multiple dimensions. These dimensions depend on the investigator and study a number of different ways . As another example, it may be the father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud , which is based on two elements - conscious and the unconscious . This paper is devoted to the influence of other people on human behavior ,

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