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Age Isn't Anything But a Number Essay

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  • on May 10, 2011
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Donovan Lewis
African-American Literature 244
T-Th 1:00-2:15
Age isn’t Anything but a Number
Feed the hens; drive the cows to pasture, fetch the wood and chips, and washing the large amounts of dishes were all few of the many chores given to Frado. All seem to be normal duties for captured Africans. Except when you have to realize they were given to a nine year old girl.   From being in a free home, Frado then discovers that she will relocate. The family were she is traded off to become her permanent home, for mean time. She is told to take a rest and “perhaps your mother would come the next night for you.”(Wilson Our Nig 16) Weeks, months and years later, she realizes that her mother would not, she was enslaved.   While adjusting to her new home, she learns her duties and punishment when it was not done correctly, attends school, and become friends with Jack and Fido. Jack befriend Frado when she arrives, coaching and helping her from his mother and sister’s devilish ways. Fido given to her by Jack seems to be the only friend that understands what she is going through. After going to school and being called little nigger, and lied upon by Mary, Frado goes through a lot emotionally at the age she is. She questions God authority of making her black. Frado ask “Because he made her white, and me black. Why didn’t he make us both white?”(Wilson Our Nig 29) At a very young age, she has learned that the color of her skin was not acceptable.   She done labor and was beaten as an adult captive African. After reading this book it shows you how owners really cared for the enslaved, regardless of gender and age.   It also shows conflict within the family when one defends the enslaved.

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