Age Discrimination In Employment Act Of 1967

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Labor and Employment Laws Labor and Employment laws were made to help protect the working citizens of America. These helpful laws address issues such as family and medical leaves of absence, age discrimination in employment, and discrimination toward Americans with disabilities. Having these laws means that, employers no longer can deny eligible employees from taking leaves of absence. No longer can employers deny employment and promotion due to age. It is also unlawful to discriminate against persons with disabilities. In Situation A an employee has been at a company for two years and his spouse has given birth to twins prematurely. As he knew his wife was pregnant he had requested his leave 30 days or more prior to the birth and…show more content…
During an annual review the employee was given a “above average” work rate in his department and another employee, who is younger, 32 years old received a performance review of “adequate”. Although the first employee was given a higher rating in performance he was past up for a promotion due to his age. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 was set in place to protect individuals who are 40 years of age or older from employment discrimination based solely on age. This act made it unlawful for an employer to discriminate against a worker because of their age in typical conditions of employment like interviewing, hiring, compensating, discipline, terminating, and promoting. The company violated the Age Discrimination in Employment Act by promoting one employee over another simply because one was younger than the other. The employee who was 68 years old received a higher rating in performance at an annual review over a younger employee who was only 32 years of age and after the company chose the younger employee solely on age. The employee who is 68 years of age was entitled to the promotion based on the performance reviews and now has every right to file a formal complaint against the company for discrimination of…show more content…
The building has four elevators and in two of the four the buttons are too high for the applicant to access in their wheel chair. In order for the applicant to be brought on the company would have to have the buttons in the two elevators lowered to be easily accessed. The company denied employment stating that employment would cause undue hardship on the company, claiming that having the buttons moved would cause a number of problems and cost too much money. For example for them to lower them the company would have to hire technicians and have the two elevators non operational for a number of days. Because moving these elevator buttons are not in anyway significant difficulty or expense it is not an “undue hardship” but a “reasonable accommodation”. The company has violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. In all of these cases the employer violated the rights of their workers according to the laws set. Employees can rely on these acts to always be there to protect them and help them stand up for their rights. In each of these situations the employees would be able to filed formal complaints against these companies, and in each case the employee would

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