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Beowulf For my Beowulf essay I choose topic 6. Where I will analyze Beowulf as an epic hero. I will be comparing the Beowulf in the poem to the Beowulf in the 2005 movie. I will first explain Beowulf from the poem. In the poem Beowulf is known as the bravest and strongest Geat there is (lines 110-120). King Hrothgar of the Danes calls for Beowulf to kill a evil creature called Grendel. Beowulf comes to the Danes to figure out why this evil beast Grendel is slaughtering all the men of the Danes. King Hrothgar has a feast for Beowulf and his warriors, as the feast ends all the men fall asleep. Beowulf is wide awake waiting for Grendel to attack. In the middle of the night Grendel creeps to the golden palace called Herot to attack the men, little dose he know Beowulf is wide awake waiting for him. Grendel wastes no time trying to sneak in, he rips the doors off the hinges and strides in the door. He snatches up a Geat warrior and kills him, the next person he grabs is Beowulf. Beowulf manages to loosen Grendels grip and he starts to fight Grendel. Beowulf has chosen to not fight with weapons because this evil creature does not use a weapon he simply kills with his own bare hands. As Beowulf and Grendel proceed to fight Grendel becomes weak, he regrets ever coming to Herot (line 447). Beowulf continues to fight Grendel, he had Grendel down and twisted his arm. As Grendel twists in pain he snaps his muscles, splits his bones and his arm rips off (line 495-499). Beowulf has won this battle, Grendel runs off to die alone. Beowulf hangs Grendel’s arm from the rafters. In the morning everyone celebrates Beowulf’s victory, and they feast. That night while all the warriors were asleep, Grendel’s mother comes to take her revenge for the death of her son. Grendel’s mother kills a warrior, takes Grendels arm and returns back to her under sea lair. Beowulf is called
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