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Leonard Bernstein Ms. Vowles ENG4UV-03 7 July 2014 Essay Analysis Upon reading the essay, I believe that the overall essay was very effective. The introduction of the essay was strong, and had an interesting “hook”. By asking the reader a rhetorical question, the author was able to lead into his main idea. The examples the author used were effective; Dan Brown and Stephen King have an international following for their mystery novels. However, I felt that it was irrelevant when the author said, “Although many female writers claim to be the ‘Queen of Crime Fiction”…” I believe this phrase could be eliminated. To simply state, “As Queen of Crime Fiction, it is Agatha Christie whom all others are measured”, the introduction would have been more powerful. The thesis was stated in the last line of the introduction; “Even many years after her death, readers appreciate Agatha Christie’s novels because of her strong characters, her interesting settings, and her strong morality”. It was a good framework for the entire essay. The most important ideas in the essay were her use of strong characters, interesting settings, and strong morality. Each of these ideas was used as the main idea of each paragraph. The author is very effective in listing examples by order of increasing importance. In the essay, the last examples are the most powerful. For example, in the paragraph about strong characters, Miss Ariadne Oliver is listed last. Interestingly, Miss Ariadne Oliver is considered to be Agatha Christie’s alter ego. Miss Oliver is a prime example of how Agatha Christie expresses her own views on social issues through the actions of her characters. The author claims that “setting” is what makes her novels interesting. However, when the author claims that “nostalgia for past times” is what makes her novels enduring, I felt that it was an irony. It was odd

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