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“Sex, Lies, and Conversation” In her article “Sex, Lies and Conversation”, Deborah Tannen describes the differences between men and women's communication styles. The article is supported by studies and research on men and women's conversational habits. A research study suggests that this behavior finds its roots in early childhood as a result of boys and girls preferring to play with same gender children; therefore, when they grow to maturity,they find it difficult to understand that their communication styles are often different and incompatible. Tannen brings examples from our daily lives, examples that many of us could probably relate with, and makes the reader gain a greater understanding of how important our listening and conversational skills are, and how those can affect our relationships. In the first paragraph, the author tells us how men talk more in public places and are silent at home, whereas women tend to talk more to their husbands at home, than in public places. For women, the intimacy starts with a good quality conversation, with sharing thoughts and self disclosure. Women expectations from a partner are often unrealistic and they would like to have same type of communion as they have with their female friends. Most of the time this is impossible, simply because men do not have same conversational abilities as women, not because they are less interested or less carrying. The author tells us that women expect their husbands to become their best friends and have the same great conversations as they have with their female friends. This is not possible because men built their relationships in a different way. According to the author they build relationships by doing things together, their groups are larger, more hierarchical, and they compete with each other. I think that women have mother's characteristics because they have to nurture their

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