Agamemnon Commentary Questions

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Agamemnon Commentary Questions Clytemnestra A. Briefly describe the events from the beginning of the play to the star of this passage. [10] * A watchman describes waiting the signal for the end of the war and the fall of Troy. He describes Clytemnestra and hints that all may not be right in Argos. * The watchman gazes into the night and spots a beacon being lit. The beacon signals to him that the city of Troy has fallen and Agamemnon was successful after 10 years of conflict. * He is overjoyed with the sight and dances around expressing his relief and happiness that the war is over. * He expresses his desire for Agamemnon to return home and once again hints that something is wrong. * Clytemnestra mentions the start of a new beginning, hinting that something is going to change and also signaling the end of the war. * The chorus demands to know why she has ordered sacrifices to all the gods and celebrations throughout the city. They recall the story of Iphigenia. * She tells them that Troy has fallen to the Greeks. They wonder whether she has dreamed this, or perhaps heard a rumor. * Clytemnestra hopes that the Greeks will commit no offenses against the gods that would hinder a safe journey home. * A Herald expresses his relief at returning to Argos after ten years abroad, saying that he never dared to hope that he would see his home again. * He announces that the city of Troy has in fact fallen and Agamemnon will return home. * He goes on to describe the conditions they endured during the siege of Troy: the cramped ships that carried them there, the terrible weather and the death. B. Analyse in detail Aeschylus’ use of dramatic irony in this passage. How effectively do you think he uses dramatic irony in this passage? At the beginning of the passage Clytemnestra says ‘ now for the best way to welcome home

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