Against School Essay

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Saad Niazi 1130-1245pm Alexander 12 March 2013 Educational Suicide In “Against School”, John Taylor Gatto, a former schoolteacher from New York critiques the American education system, and unveils the foundationary flaws plaguing students and their origins. Gatto describes a system designed to breed complacent and unquestioning consumers for an almost fascist regime with by supporting his allegations with popular education ideas of the early nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. While Gatto does an effective job in identifying “how public education cripples our kids and why”, his allegations are extreme however his article has a slight air of truth that is highly propagandistic in style and written by a disgruntled man who was fired from his teaching post; thus ought to be read lightly because such literature is written to be interpreted with the flaws of todays society. Gatto argues that are schools are purposefully designed to keep our kids from growing up as a way to keep the adults of our nation, the product of the education system docile and easy to control. The system allegedly accomplishes this by using subpar and unmotivated educators who themselves are bored and uninterested in the subject they seek to pass knowledge on, and using an operational protocol that resemble prisons. He suggests that “boredom is the common condition of schoolteachers” that has resulted in a self-perpetuating cycle of children being bored who later become educators to repeat the same mistake. While there is truth to Gatto’s sentiments, the proposition that it is the government’s intent to design such a system “to deny students appreciable leadership skills, and to ensure docile and incomplete citizens - all in order to render the populace "manageable."” is outright egregious for various reasons based on personal observation. Gatto gives examples where

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