Against Pollution in China Essay

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According to “Chinese Chat” (2004), Because the Government's concern not enough, China's environmental destruction was very serious. Pollution in china is very serious than other countries, so Chinese people should against pollution. We can do something to save the earth and can prevent the pollution. We can try to find many ways to prevent the pollution. Tax chopsticks can save environment. The Chinese and overseas lovers of Chinese food, use 15 billion disposable wooden chopsticks each year. You can find the wooden chopsticks in every Chinese restaurant. The forest coverage rate is only 13 percent of China and production of about 45 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks, which requires the felling 25 million trees each year. The chopstick tax is part of an effort by the Chinese government to protect its rapidly deteriorating environment. When the budget of disposable chopsticks is very close to a staff salaries, the businesspersons should prefer find a worker than use the chopsticks. It would save many trees, in the future. To the charges the gluey bags of potential can save the environment. When we were shopping in the market or the supermarket we would get many gluey bags. Because the gluey bags are much cheaper and more nice-looking than the Green bags, so it is very popular in over live. China is estimated to use 3 billion bags a day from its retail operations. The gluey bags are very harm for our environment, because it is very difficult biodegradable plastic bag and burning it will release toxic gases. Chinese government has now said it will force consumers to pay for these free bags and that it is banning them from public transportation and other public places. If the bags need much money to buy, Consumers will quickly realize that using fabric bags or another type of container saves them money. The green bags would popular soon in the future.

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