Against Milk Essay

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Hoax: "Milk does a body good!" I'm taking on a very controversial hoax of epic proportions with this one, but I feel it is an important topic (especially in western counties) that is often overlooked. I propose that cow's milk is not the health food that the National Dairy Council would like us to believe that it is, and in fact it is considered by many as one of the worst aspects of the typical American's daily diet. The truth is that cow's milk (and everything made from it) is not meant for the human body. No other species of animal on earth consumes milk after weaning, let alone milk from another species of animal (and neither do most humans--approx. 70% do not [5] -- most from outside of western countries). Estimates of around 75% of the entire world population are said to develop some level of lactose intolerance, from mild symptoms to severe [1]. So it can be said right off the bat that milk is not compatible with most people's bodies. Lactose is a sugar that comes from the combination of galactose and glucose which are combined in b-linkage (see: The enzyme lactase is secreted in the intestine to split the molecule by hydrolysis. Since most humans do not produce lactase in large amounts after weaning, the milk is indigestible to most [3]. Pasteurized milkfats (most common) requires precious essential fatty acids to be metabolized - of which many Americans are deficient -- leading to un-metabolized milkfats deposited on the arteries which can lead to cardiovascular disease [5]. One of the (if not the) largest studies linking diet and health ever done, named the "Grand Prix of Epidemiology" by The New York Times, is The China Study (a 20 year study). In this study, Dr. Campbell (nutrition expert for 40 years, Jacob Gould Schurman Prof. Emeritus of Nutritional Biochem. at Cornell, RA at

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