Against Empire Chapter 1 Summary

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ETHS 305 June 14, 2011 Exam 2 A. The history of the world seems to be closely tied to the process of imperialism. But the biggest Nation in Europe took imperialism to its highest level from a couple of centuries ago. Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany and Japan in Asian managed to carve up the world among themselves by slashing and dicing through civilizations around the world in order to satisfy their thirst for prestige, power and wealth. During the 18th century when these kingdoms need raw material and market for their production, they turn to Africa, North and South America, Asian and Australia. In order to make a legitimate argument to invade territories around they claim people outside the western civilization…show more content…
There is not no question that Parenti view the world through a progressive lens and it is quite apparent to see that the logic in some of his some work reflect the ideas previously put out by Karl Max and Louis Althusser. In chapter 10 of the book “Against Empire” Parenti denounce the discriminatory practice by some Ideology State Apparatus especially the educational institutions in America during the cold war against the East. Karl Max first, and Althusser write extensively about how the State uses ISA’s RSA’s establish its power (hegemony) over the country inhabitants. In this particular case the school system is an example of ISA. In this chapter the emphasis was particularly on the board of Trustees who would not hire any instructor that is likely to have lefty views. Parenti suggest the members sitting on the board of Trustees often are part of the establishment; they work for the biggest corporations that have their stakes in the policy orientation of the government. This phenomenon is still going on to this day where we witnessing attempt to rewrite history by the school apparatus in Texas. Lately the same State offered the United States a President that, some suggested, went to a major war (Iraq war) on false premise and gave lot of business opportunities to defense contractors companies, and Oil
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