Against child labor

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Against child labor In June of 2002, the 90th session of the International Labor’s Meeting was held in Genovese. It decided to take every year’s 12th in June as the World Day against Child Labor. They appealed for all the countries to seriously consider the severe child labor problem and adopt measures to deal with this problem. Child labor influences social economy badly. Firstly, the number of child labors is about 200 million in the world, if they are all going to school, the jobs can be provided to adults and legal workers. Not only the problem of people without job can be mitigated, but crime and social order and security can turn into better situation. Secondly, workers’ quality is one of the most important elements of developing industries; existence of child labors is harmful to improvement of labors’ quality. When there are more child labors who have not received enough educations, the holistic quality of employees will be lower. Thirdly, these child labors only can do easy work, which is not good for future development. On account of a country’s development is promoted by science like IT, aviation and so on. Child labors probably do the same easy jobs all the time because they could not have chance to know much about advanced techniques. Though they are able to do their jobs expertly, will they know skills of IT? Will they know how to make a space shuttle? Will they know how to invent chemical medicine to cure diseases? Of course no. As a result, human being’s development is promoted slowly and slightly. Truly, education can change people’s life. Great mathematician, physical scientist and astronomer Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss in German and famous physical scientists Mr. and Mrs. Curie in France were all from poor families. Through education, they became great scientists eventually. When child labors are
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