Against Academic Writing Essay

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What anxieties do you have about collegiate writing? What has been your experience with writing in the past? What formulas have you learned to tackle turning writing prompt into well thought out organized essay? How might improving your writing skills help you fulfill your purpose? My anxieties when it came to collegiate writing would be adapting to a new style of writing. I was a starting my first year in college as a freshman I enrolled in a writing course. I was lost for words when I enrolled for this course. For it was a form of writing that I was not used to (a research paper, a senior thesis, a dissertation, etc.) Another situation did not understand the assignment special when it came to writing for that audience of various peers such as (a classmate, professor who is been very critical of your work. Making sure I meet the deadlines on the writing assignments on time. The formulas that I have learned were rechecking your spelling, taking care with punctuation, watching for fundamental grammar errors, and rewriting, will improve your writing always read through your writing at least once after spell check and keep a dictionary handy. Another important rule of writing is the punctuation try avoiding using exclamation marks. It will significantly improve my writing skills and help me to get past my anxieties that I may have with writing. Tip | | | | | | |

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