Againist Abortion Essay

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Juan Collins 04/03/2013 Herlocker-37583 Many advertisements try to manipulate children into persuading their parents to buy certain products. Advertisers take advantage of children's immaturity and innocence as well as their strong influence on their parents. This is unethical. However we cannot ban all ads aimed at children. Before we decide to impose such a blanket ban, we have to consider several factors. Nowadays, wherever we go, we can see advertisements and marketing. We need advertisement because it helps to attract the consumer. The benefits of the advertisement are to increase the product sales and make a profit. Certain companies agreed that targeting children in advertisement is good, and the great deal of advertisement on television is aimed at children by promoting different kinds of products such as food, drinks, toys, and clothes. If we will speak about food children naturally like foods that are riches in fats, proteins, and sugar. It gives them energy and power to grow. It’s true that eating lots of these things is bad put it is gain a problem of bad parenting rather than the fault of advertising. Therefore we cannot blame the advertisement. In addition to that there are lots of different advertisements that teach the children a good thing for example Lifebuoy Soap has taught children how to clean and wash their hands clearly and remove the germs from it. Also the Nido milk advertisement shows the children that if they drink the Nido milk, they will have a very well health and strong bones. Nido Company is advertising and encouraging the children to drink it. However, they instill materialistic values in the minds of children. While it benefits the economy, it simply creates immoral and bratty children, and I understand this from one, being an only child and two, also remembering and thinking about past advertisements I seen as a child growing

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