After The Civil War Essay

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The Civil War took place in the United States between the years of 1861 and 1865. It was caused by sectional tension between the Northern States and the Southern states. The main issue was slavery, which caused the southern states to secede from the union. They did not wish for slavery to be abolished, as most northerners did. The Civil War ended in 1865. There were many consequences that came along as part of the after math of the Civil War. The Civil War did a lot of damage to the economy. Also, expanding transportation systems supported the growing business of industrialization that began to take place in America. Before industrialization, the economy was mainly based on agriculture. Farmers supplied agricultural products to rural and urban dwellers. Many believed that agriculture was not helpful to the economy, so once industrialization started to rise, the farm labor left agriculture for workshops such as those which produced shoes, or for factories such as the cotton textile mills of New England. These manufactures provided employment for women and children, who otherwise had limited productive possibilities because the farms were not very beneficial to the economy. When Reconstruction ended in 1877, industrialization continued where it left off before the Civil War. After the war, the American industry boomed. Iron and steel became vital to the further industrialization of America. America became a very powerful industrial nation. The Industrial Revolution was about the complete transformation of the United States economy. It consisted of production, transportation, immigration, rise of cities, and the migration of population from rural areas to cities. By 1890, the second industrial revolution took place. This was a period of time known as the Gilded Age. The term refers to the political and economical situation between the years of 1876 and 1900. This

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