After the Cask Essay

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After ‘The Cask of Amontillado’ By Patrick Moyer I start to leave the catacombs when I stop after hearing shrieks for help. “Help Me,” he cried in a sluggish, drunken voice. I return with “Do not worry dear Fortunato, as you are sleeping.” The crying stops, all is silent as I assume he is asleep. I know of his impending doom for I have seen holes where rats scurry, it should be a few days until he is devoured. Before I leave I say a prayer, “Oh dear Fortunato,” I exclaim, “may god have mercy on you for I did when I left you for the rats. Oh woe is your misfortune unto which I given to you. Again may he have mercy on you. Amen.” “Thou insult has caused your misfortune now shall pay, good bye dear Fortunato.” As I leave the wall I hear him behind the wall crying. “Again dear Fortunato, it will be over soon.” Through the catacombs I walk thinking of what I have done. No regrets. No pain, relief at last. I walk up the stairs back to the celebration. The air is filled with love and drunken happiness. I decide to walk on to a tavern to drink the memory of Fortunato away. “Yes, maybe a few drinks would do it” I thought to myself. Maybe this will help, though it may back fire in the future. If I should forget I should be thrown into the underworld. Still I will be thrown in anyways for I have done away with Fortunato. As I was drunk I ask the bar tender if there was a place to rest. He pointed to the room behind him. I thanked him and went into the room and fell asleep. I dreamed a dream I shall never forget. I dreamt I was Fortunato. I was shackled to the wall as he was. Fortunato was lucky, for he was drunk and not knowing of what is going on. It was terrifying, screaming at him to stop but no words were coming out. I sat there petrified watching him lay brick by brick to my demise. As he lay the last brick I scream out horror. Then I awoke in a

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