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After one reading analyse Edward Thomas' “This Is No Case of Petty Right or Wrong” The poetic persona is of a civilian who is back home and not fighting, and also that of an English person who loves their country. The structure and rhythm of the poem is very romantic in places. Sometimes it reads like an ode to England. The poem is definitely about his obvious love for his country because he is English, but also love for the actual earth and weather of England. This is a typical theme which runs through Edward Thomas' poems. He also explores the civilian public's hatred of “the Kaiser” and Germans. He definitely disagrees with it, and vehemently so too. The overall tone of the poem is one of disagreement, perhaps quiet anger. But this is also coupled with a tone of lofty love as well. The two are coupled together in a way- Thomas is suggesting his love for his country is truer or stronger than everyone else's love for their country, because he loves England for all the things England is, and not just because one hates the enemy. He even goes as far to say he admires the enemy a little bit when he mentions the Kaiser “banging a gong”. Thomas uses visual imagery by using the metaphor of witches' cauldrons, and he also personifies England in the second stanza by referring to it as a she, and using a simile when he calls England a phoenix. I believe he calls it this because he is hoping it will rise again from the ashes of WW1. He truly loves his country and wishes it to be the way it was before the war. When the poem was written, in 1916, it had was also a horrible 12 months for England and France casualty-wise, with both countries suffering far more casualties than Germany. And Thomas had just joined the army 5 months before, so if he had any positive preconceived ideas about the war they definitely would have faded by now. Not only must he have missed

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