After Death Care Essay

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Post-Mortem Care: As the client approaches death, various emotions may be felt by both the caregiver and the client. It is important for the nurse not to detach from the situation, and to remember that this is a real human being who is dying, not just a client. The client and his/her loved ones will be experiencing powerful emotions and must be supported in this. Procedures for death pronouncement vary from place to place and sometimes within the same place as well. Your institution will have a set protocol for you to follow at the time of death that conforms to the regulations in your area. No matter your role in death pronouncement, a final nursing assessment should be performed and documented. Documentation regarding the death of the patient may include: The patient’s name, time of physician contact, and death pronunciation, those present at the time of death- health care personal, family members, and friends, the time of the assessment, general appearance, lack of reflex or response to stimulus including pupils that are fixed and dilated, the absence of breathing and lung sounds, the absence of both apical and carotid pulse, Any other pertinent details from the physical examination, time the physician assessed the patient or was notified, identification of all parties notified of the death and lastly, special plans for disposition- organ donation, autopsy, or cultural/religious needs. After death, the body should be prepared in order to give a clean, peaceful impression for those family members who desire an opportunity to say good-bye before funeral home removal. Kindly caring for the body shows the family empathy and concern, the continued value of the deceased, as well as modeling grief facilitating behaviors for others present. Religious or cultural practices the family may find comforting should be encouraged. It is also appropriate to invite them

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