After Civil War Essay

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In the visions for rebuilding the South that emerged after the Civil War focused on black freedom and “called on the federal government to thoroughly reconstruct the south, to guarantee suffrage, free schools, and equal rights for all men, regardless of color”. Those visions were aided through individuals that stood their ground and spoke up, for instance John Rapier and President Lincoln. Rapier helped by “demanding the federal government to end violence against ex-slaves, for their rights, to give them land” and also contributing thousands of dollars of his own money to help support black schools and churches. However this didn’t change “former slaveholders’ minds about blacks unfitness for freedom”. (p.499) The Reconstruction era was a “violent period that define the defeated South’s status within the union and the meaning of freedom for ex-slaves”. It’s a period of drastic change in the economic system, due to the slaves being freed. This resulted in conflicts where ex-slaves in farms and plantations to struggle to become free workers due to ex-slaveholders that “clung to the Old south”. In addition, the reconstruction era started to formulate an increased interest in the fight for racial equality and gender equality, particularly by woman. (p.500) As the civil war continued to lean more in favor of the north, “thinking about reunification quickened” and the south was quickly put in economic danger. (p.501) Due to the North’s victory in the civil war, slavery quickly eroded as well as traditional plantation agriculture causing major problems for the south. Many problems arose due to uncleraty with legal titles of vast amounts of territories and requirements were placed on slaveholders declaring them to “sign contracts with ex-slaves and to pay wages”. Slave holders were also “obligated” to provide food, housing, and medical care. (p.502) Political players
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