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After a Death by Roo Borson Essay

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  • on May 23, 2013
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After a Death by Roo Borson                         410182017 王彥翔

I think this poem is absolutely stunning because of the vivid imagery that is set up in such a simple short poem. I like this poem because it sets up such a strong feeling of sadness and comfort in only eight lines. Although she doesn’t directly tell us she has truly lost someone, we can obviously observe that the speaker uses a chair for a metaphor of the girl’s love toward the lost lover. However, the speaker doesn’t exactly explain her love. In the poem, "her love" may be talking about her father or a lover because the poem is unclear. The ambiguity however allows the reader to use their imagination broadly and interpret the poem uniquely.

  When she is talking about her lover, the "chair" symbolizes the unfailing support of her lover and how she still needs her important support to live in the future in the words "seeing there’s no other way". The chair is her stability and it provides comfort for the girl when she is sorrowful or frustrated. I consider she seems a little bit crazy to me in the end because she is starting to call the chair her love. As she recognizes the fact that the chair is her useless love, I realize why she is doing all these works. When losing your beautiful love, everyone may find something we can use to not sadly think about this person. Therefore, We must find an object or a thing to replace them in our daily lives. As she takes her "useless love” gazing out of the window, she regards the window as the distraction of her love, knowing that she needs to look into the other side of her life.

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