Afrocentrism And Martin Bernal

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Afrocentrism can be traced back to the late nineteenth and early twentieth century work of black intellectual thought. This thought became a fashionable movement by the 1950s and 60s freedom and independence movements of African nations, mirrored by the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. With contribution of the development of African American Studies programs in universities, Afrocentrism has sprung into its modern form: a corrective emphasis on historiography. This corrective movement developed with the push to revise the thinking of African contribution to world civilization from a neglected African cultural perspective. This Black thought revolutionary response to Eurocentric attitudes of African and Black people. Stereotypes have been designed to reshape African history and its impact on civilization, tracing back to the Greek. These stereotypes have distorted and made African history very vague, giving a sense of entitlement to others. Scholars have used this as a tool to deny African contribution to modern civilization, omitting the fact that all human civilization has been impacted by Africa from millions of years ago. This gave a sense of entitlement to Europeans claiming there to be no African impact on Greece civilization. Martin Bernal’s Black Athena scrutinizes the relationship between the European and African nations, challenging the thought that the Greeks developed the western civilization culture. Ignoring the impact of contact diffusion—the spread of cultural ideas such as styles, religion, technologies, and language—the Greek were able to change the facts about western civilization and culture in their favor. When the idea of contact diffusion is denied, Greeks were able to take what they learned from others and create their own models, paying no respect to which they learned it from. This gave way for a new Eurocentric model

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