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AFK1501 Student number: 55980287 Course code: B.Ed Semester: 1 Assignment: 2 Unique number: 527672 Due date: 7 April 2015 Deel 1 Vraag 1 Literature is a work of imagination. It moves freely between fact and fiction. Literature has been described as any writing which gives pleasure through attractive form and expression. It is writing in which something distinctive about the style goes beyond the communication of information. Literature allows the relationship between the form and the content to be configured. There are three types of literature. These include: 1) Literature as fiction Literature is a set of standards that readers know is not literally true. An essay is the most complex form of fiction. It is not based on the imagined, but rather the real world. Literature is deceiving and is dependent upon a sense of style, the use of rhetoric and figures of speech to persuade an audience. Literature directs our attention away from fact or fiction and towards how it has been written. 2) Literature as fine writing Poetry is a representation of literature. It reminds us that literature is made from and returns to ordinary language. Literature as fine writing is a pleasing style in any genre. Good writing can be literature even if it’s in a non-literary form. Literary can possess clarity and elegance in its author’s expression. Language is always being transformed from a window we look through into something we look at. 3) Literature as art Literature as art suggests an alliteration of language as communication. We accept literature as a much wider range of works from further back in the past. Literature as art is the oddest aspects of the way we use literature. Literariness of a text can be independent of the way it would have been viewed at the time of its creation. Literary as fiction shows us that literary can be less than

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