African Traditional Religion vs. Judiasm

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There are so many different religions in the world. This gives people the opportunity to choose the religion that best fits them. There are certain factors that influence the religion we choose to abide by. For example, our family beliefs, where we were born, or even just the fact that we have been exposed to a certain religion more than another. To love your religion, and believe in a religion that best fits you is an amazing thing. But, having knowledge of other religions should be the goal of every human being. When you think of Judaism and African Traditional Religion the first thing that would come to mind is, how are these two religions similar? Differences would be the only thing that you would be able to think of. But, I bet if we take a closer look, we can find some similarities. According to the oldest religion in the world, African people are Atheistic. In ATR, the belief is in an omniscient eternal being. This eternal being is dateless, ageless, all knowing, and felt everywhere. This Supreme Being created the universe, and everything in it. The Jewish believe god is very much existent. Even though the Jewish are not aware of how he was created or even came about, questioning is never done. The Torah (Jewish Bible) begins by stating "In the beginning, G-d created..." The Jewish are not told how or even who god is. And proof, is not needed. What both religions do have in common though, is that both believe that someone is the creator. Someone gave them life. Someone is watching over them at all times. As far as prophets go, ATR has no founding prophet. It is said that God reveled himself. The Jewish have many prophets such as Isaac, Jacob, Abraham, and Aaron. But the greatest of the prophets was Moses. Moses was said to have seen the Torah, including the Prophets and the Writings. ATR has a list of Proverbs. As the Jewish have Six Hundred and
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