African Slaves Vs Indentured Servants Essay

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Essay 3 Outline: Compare and contrast the every day lives and opportunities of indentured servants and African slaves. Thesis: Both indentured servants and African slaves lived lives in which they had similar and yet different opportunities and experiences. Intro: ο The development of the new world and the early settlements led to the use of labor from both the African American population and European population ο As a result of the use of labor, slaves and servants were able to create lives and experience things they would have not in their original homeland (sometimes cruel or positive) Body 1 (Indentured Servants) ο By 1617, the Virginia Company created the headright system. o It was created as a result of a lack of labor.…show more content…
ο Even if they survived disease, they could only expect to live another 20 years. ο Males ages between 15-24 composed _'s of the servants ο Once servants survived they had real opportunity to advance o A servant could become a “freeholder” or an independent farmer o They could even take part of government or hold a military position Body 2 (African Slaves) ο As times moved on, by the late 1600's, English men and European men were not a reliable and efficient source of labor o As more colonies formed, people had a choice of where they wanted to migrate ο As more land was cultivated and taken, there was less of an appeal to become an indentured servant ο The people of the colonies found their answer to the shortage of labor on the coast of Africa o A law passed that if there was a non-Christian imported into a colony, could be slaves for life. ο Between 1492 and 1770, more Africans than Europeans came to America ο The Atlantic slave trade developed within America and so the slave trade began o The journey to America was cruel and harsh. They were placed below the deck of ships. Many Africans got sick and caught many diseases such as yellow fever and
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