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African Resistance To Colonial Rule Essay

  • Submitted by: yusufb14
  • on November 29, 2011
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Name: Yusuf Bello   A00013619
Instructor’s Name: Charles Assalin
Assignment Name: African Resistance to Colonial Rule
Date: October, 25 2011.
Around the nineteenth century, a large portion of African regions were colonized by Europeans. This was due to the abundant resources of the regions which the Europeans saw as a benefit to their governments. Africans were overpowered and enslaved to do forced labor. This brought about the conclusion by many people that there was no form of resistance, but this was to the fact that much of the resistance was not wide scale, not effective and did not constitute a daily confrontation and since it was not at a large scale, it was not covered by media because it was controlled by the Europeans at the time. But there was adequate resistance by majority of Africans who were educated and in territories were the suffering and way of life becomes unbearable, there was resistance. The resistance was carried out in different forms and ways. But, it was not very effective. There was lack of effectiveness and cooperation which negate the existence of resistance. The fight for freedom between the Africans and the colonialists was not an equal one due to the large number of colonial soldiers and their heavy equipment which were employed to deal with any form of communal meeting or disturbance of such. Many of such resistance were fared by Africans after seeing the overwhelming power of the Europeans and how uneven the struggle was. Many people of Africa resisted while others not. These were due to fear or because some Africans saw the coming of the Europeans to Africa to start colonizing territories not a negative effect. In some African communities many of such had disputes to settle against other tribes or communities and some Africans became power hungry and hypocrites to its own community, so they found it as good way to collaborated with the Europeans in hope of annihilating their enemies and obtain power and wealth. The greedy...

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