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African Presence in the Americas Before Columbus in 1492 Essay

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  • on February 23, 2013
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Below is an essay on "African Presence in the Americas Before Columbus in 1492" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Grade 12B
October 31, 2012
Topic: African Presence in the Americas before Columbus in 1492
Question: Assess the credibility of the evidence for West African presence in the Americas before the Arrival of Columbus.
            The West African presence in the Americas in the Pre-Columbian period was often argued by other Historians as false information. Well- known Historians such as Cheikh Amto Diop, Peter ReBoo and Ivan Van Sertima have collected credible and viable information which dates to the African presence in the Americas in this era. Ivan Van Sertima is one such Historian. He has critique and formulated historical theories and methodologies on the African contact. To show and prove that there were contacts between the people of the Atlantic world and Africa before the coming of Columbus; researches have based their arguments on two main pillars of evidence.   In this essay it is my aim to prove that the West Africans were in the Americas before Columbus and to provide credible data to prove this notion.
                  Historian scholars and researchers such as Ivan Van Sertima, Leo Wiener, and Peter DeRoo among others have pointed to the importance of West Africa in the Early World History. They have produced credible arguments and evidence to support the contact between the Atlantic world and West Africa before 1492. This was done through vigorous studies, applying adequate knowledge and visiting these historical sites to evaluate their relics. The evidence of this contact is expounded though linguistics which is language and archaeological prove which are relics and statues. This critical approach is of considerable importance, for it encourages the consideration and exploration of areas of knowledge that have long been ignored.   It challenges us to ask questions about the politics of historical questioning and to assert alternative interpretations. For example, it is incorrect to claim that Columbus discovered the Americas in 1492. More...

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