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Is there anything in the African past that may prove useful to African progress into the future? There are varieties of things in the African past that prove useful in the future. One is mathematics. Africa was the mainstream of mathematics history, for example the accuracy of the pyramid is great evidence. The measurement of the angle and the length of the pyramid was measured very precise. There is no way this could have been done if mathematics were not involved. I believe mathematics such as Pythagorean theorem, trigonometry, algebra and astronomy were involved to construct pyramids. Also great evidence would be the Lebombo bone which represent a lunar calendar with the markings and the ishiango bone, which is the second oldest bone that was used for some mathematics purposes. Secondly was the Black Contributions to the early history of western medicine. They produced the earliest physicians, medical knowledge and also influenced and contributed to Hippocrates, the development of medicine in ancient Greece. Ancient medicines include two important medical papyri, the Ebers papyrus and the Edwin Smith papyrus. The Ebers papyrus contains medical evidence and knowledge on intestinal disease, helminthiasis, ophthalmology, dermatology, gynecology, obstetrics, pregnancy diagnosis, contraception, dentistry and surgical treatment of absences tumors, fractures, and burns from the translated medical papyri, these documents represent the oldest medical knowledge and literature. Also according to Fredrick Newsome the Egyptians have also discovered more prognostics than all the rest of mankind besides. Thirdly is writing/literature. The hieroglyphic writing system was self-invented/home grown from the Nile valley. The hieroglyphic system was the combination of logographic and alphabetic elements. Ancient Egypt has more evidence of written records than any ancient times.

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