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Robynne Anderson Student No: 4851 449 7 Unique Ass No: 570634 Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi Dangarembga In Tsitsi Dangarembga’s novel, “Nervous Conditions”, we need to have a look and compare Tambu and Nyasha’s different personalities and see how both handle challenges and their different ways of learning with a combination of their different upbringing. The complicate relationship between Tambu and Nyasha is constantly presented to the reader and there is such tension between the two cousins. This is mainly due to their different experiences and exposures in their upbringing and this shows how both cousins have created a void that separates their thoughts. Also, the differences between their behaviour and personalities caused disagreement and conflict. Due to their behaviour and personalities being so different, Tambu and Nyasha's responses to challenges in their society ultimately becomes a gap that is almost impossible to bring them closer together. Also, because of the experiences of Nyasha and Tambu are so very different, this was due to their family's financial status and their upbringing. This is also due to their vastly contrasting exposure to the western society and lifestyle. Nyasha, who was brought up in England, knows a lot more than Tambu about western lifestyle and has habits that Africans traditionally do not approve of, for example women smoking. This is a major source of conflict between the cousins because Tambu, who is brought up in the African traditional ways, believes that her once best friend and cousin, Nyasha is "beyond redemption." Another reason for this miscommunication is because of the little time that Nyasha has spent in Zimbabwe, meant that she also did not grow up with the traditions and understand a lot of the traditions. For example when Babamukuru is "agreeably surprised" when she formally greets her aunt Mainini, by

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