African Hunger Crisis Essay

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“Did you know that the earth creates enough food to feed the entire population of 7 billion people but 1 out of 8 of those people go to bed hungry.” - World Food Program. In this essay I will be addressing the problematic food shortages in Africa, looking at specific causes and identifying possible solutions. Half the worlds uncultivated agricultural land is located in Africa, so why is there even a problem? The problem is that African government has not put money into education, new farming techniques/ equipment nor increased their marketing opportunities as they should have had all along, Here’s what I think should happen. First off, in order to gain control of the African food crisis we need to implement new, more efficient farming techniques and give them the proper equipment. Africa’s government should encourage foreign investments in agriculture but at the same time make sure this ethically promotes growth for the people of Africa. Limitations should be set by the government for these investors, however so that they are not taking the profits out of the communities/ country. Secondly, to set up education/ college programs for the people of Africa to learn about new agricultural techniques. These techniques include conservation tillage, crop rotation, irrigation, as well as different and better quality of seeds. Along with the schooling they would be taught how to properly use the equipment provided. With this information they will be able to do more farming faster, more efficiently but most of all, less costly. Thirdly, the improvements in agriculture and schooling will help in the last aspect that would greatly benefit Africa. The last aspect needing to change is marketing. Now those who have gone and done their schooling can start up their own farms and start building the roads and ways of transportation for the crops to get to market. Then with the

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