African Conversion Essay

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Life skills Introduction Statistics The big picture UNICEF in action Resources UNICEF publications Technical and policy documents Links Fact sheets Events and conferences What we do Role of the Education Sector What is the role of the education sector in the battle against HIV/AIDS? The FRESH framework provides a model for linking HIV/AIDS-specific approaches with a broader school health programme. See "A FRESH Start to HIV/AIDS Prevention." The privilege of good quality basic education as well as skills-based AIDS education must be extended equally to boys and girls. The UNAIDS Inter-agency Task Team on HIV/AIDS and Education has drafted a strategy framework to guide an expanded response to HIV/AIDS through the education sector. Combatting HIV/AIDS through education: Strategies of Brazil, Namibia, Gambia and UN partners A panel discussion at the UN Special Session on Children, May 2002 Moderator: Riz Khan, CNN International Panelists: Paolo Roberto Teixeira, National Coordinator for Sexually Transmissible Diseases and AIDS, Ministry of Health, Brazil Stanley Simataa, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Education, Namibia Anne Therese Ndong-Jatta, Secretary of State for Education, Gambia Donald Bundy, Lead Specialist, School Health and Nutrition,World Bank The link between AIDS and education has only gained attention recently, yet, the AIDS pandemic is proving to be a "destructive element for education systems," stated Mr Donald Bundy of the Human Development Network at the World Bank (representing the UNAIDS Inter-agency Task Team on Education). The international community has pledged its commitment to basic education for every boy and girl by 2015, through the Education for All initiative (Dakar Framework for Action, 2000), but, "AIDS is making that not merely difficult, but perhaps impossible." On the other hand, education provides us an

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