African Americans Today Essay

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African Americans Today Althea Bowen HIS 204 Prof. Naomi Rendina November 19, 2012 African Americans have worked very hard to end segregation, discrimination, and isolation to attain their equality and civil rights. African Americans have stand of for their civil rights by standing up to slave owners. They sacrificed themselves by taking physical beatings and verbal abuse. As the years go on they learned to protest for their rights. Over the years they have used all resourses available to them. They have used the media, radio and so on. The African American culture today has made great strides in gaing a voice in society in every way possible. They found that segregation and discrimination not only isolated them from society but it…show more content…
Little by little they decided they needed more. African American men fought in War showing how well they can fight for their country alongside white men. Though slavery was the underlying reason for the war, another central debate was the rights of states versus the powers of the federal government (Bowles,2011). They fought long and hard not only for their rights but for the country they wanted to be so much a part of. Before the civil war African Americans still had no real rights. At the end of the civil war they gained some of the rights they fought for. They were free own property, receive an education and so on. African Americans started out with owning a small part of a plantation owners property, by farming and paying off for it little by little. Now they don’t have to do that. They choose what and where they want and pay a bank. African Americans have now empowered themselves threw education. Many have used education to move from slavery to free individuals now. Back before civil war blacks were not allowed to receive an education so they could not read. Now they can read which gives them the right to vote and own property. We have realized how important education is over the years. Education has helped them to have a voice in politics. As one historian wrote, slavery and politics were intertwined in the creation of the nation itself (Mason,
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