African Americans Return to the South

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The story of America is a story about the African American movement and how from this movement arises the African American character which effects those who move, as well as those who remain . The phenomena of movement and motion has constantly effected the African American man and women. In the book “Call To Home: African Americans Reclaim The Rural South , Carol Stack tells the story of a little-known yet compelling reverse migration of “half of million African Americans from the cities of the north”, who heard a call to come back to the rural south, the home the once new and loved. Cleverly understanding the terrain of Carolina towns she calls Burdys Bend, New Jericho and Rosedale. Stack does and excellent job of linking a great human story with the “larger economic and social analysis of migration, families and poverty”. “Call to Home” offers a unusual view of African American communities coming together, determined to make it happen in todays America. Through interviewing as well as extensive research she uncovers the reason for the African American return to the south. She proposes that the reason for the African American reverse migration is “ the nostalgia for home” and connection to family” To understand the nostalgia for home we must first get a sense as to why the African American migrated north. More commonly called the “Great Migration” of the twentieth century. While there have been many explanations as to why African Americans took part in the “Great Migration”, from the south to the north the more commonly known were economic and non-economic reasons. The most popular economic reasons for African Americans migrating was simply not being able to support the family. The influence of poverty played a key role in the decision making of the families economy. For example, sacrificing one’s own life for the sake of the
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